How to Change the Inventory Button Label on Your Website

Some suppliers in DistributorCentral offer inventory for their products. Products that have inventory available will show an Inventory button on your website. You can change the label of the Inventory button that shows on your website 

Follow these steps to change the inventory button's label on your website: 
  1. While logged into your DC account, click Websites in the left side menu
  2. Choose Hosting Manager 
  3. In the Hosting Manager, find your website and click Manage to the far right
  4. Next, click Edit in the top right to open your website editor
  5. In your website editor, click Pages in the top left
  6. In the Pages list, click "products" to open the Product page in the website editor
  7. With the Product page loaded in the website editor, edit the Product Block by double-clicking it in the visual editor
  8. In the Product Details block, scroll down to the Inventory section
  9. Under Inventory "Show Inventory button" find the Inventory button label section
  10. Change the Inventory label as needed
  11. Click Done in the bottom right corner
  12. Save your website changes

That's it, your website will show your custom inventory button label for products that offer inventory.