How to Create a Product Color Information Option

Follow these steps to create a Product Color Information option for a product. 
Before starting, be sure that the Product Color Choices have been created, if they aren't created yet, follow the steps found here.

  1. While logged into your DistributorCentral account, click Products in the left menu
  2. Click Add/Edit Options
  3. On the Add/Edit Product Options page, click Add New Option
  4. Next fill out the Main Information form fields:
    1. Change the Option Type to Product Color Information
    2. Enter the Option Name. Something simple like "Product Colors" is recommended
      This will show to distributors and end-buyers
    3. Enter the Option Number. The Option Number must be unique to each option
      This will be visible to distributors inside of DistributorCentral
      Don't have choice numbers? View our number recommendations
    4. Skip to the option's Description. If a description is available, enter it here
      Option Description is not required to continue
  5. Click Save
  6. Once the option's main information is saved, click "Addl Info Tab"
  7. Confirm the start and end dates for the "Date Range for Option to Be Active"
  8. Confirm the Product Versions that this product is associated with
  9. Save your changes
  10. Next, click Choices
  11. In the left "Choices (Available)" box, find the product color choices
    1. Select multiple choices by holding CONTROL on your keyboard while clicking each product choice
  12. Click the button with the right facing arrows to move the product's color choices to the right box labeled "Choices (Selected)" 
  13. Save your changes
  14. Lastly, click Ordering
  15. Adjust the "Ordering Question" as needed
    1. By default, the ordering question will be "Select the + Option Name". For example, "Select the Product Color
  16. Enter the "Min. Option Qty. or Number of Choices"
    1. If the option is required in the ordered process, this should be at 1
    2. Entering 1 will prevent a buyer from moving past the Product Color Information option without a choice selection when ordering the product
  17. Move down to select Optional or Required for "Is This Option Optional Or Required?"
  18. Next, move to "Type of Form Field To Display When Ordering"
    1. If you accept orders with multiple product colors, its best to use the Choice Qty with Total (choice price based on main order qty) form field type
    2. If you DO NOT accept orders with multiple product colors, use the Choice Checkbox form field type
  19. Save your changes

*Remember that every product should have at least one Product Color Information option