How to Add an Option

Options are setup and added to your products to collect customization preferences from the customer needed for the order to be filled in the most efficient way possible. Here is how to add a new option: 
  1. Go to Products 
  2. Choose "Add/Edit Options" 
  3. Click the "Add New Option" button to the right
  4. Select the "Option Type"
  5. Enter the "Option Name" - required
  6. Enter the "Supplier Option #" - required
  7. Add a description for this options if needed
  8. Click the "Save" button.
  9. After clicking "Save" you will see other tabs appear after the "Main Info" tab where you can continue to add the following: 
    1. Start & End Dates
    2. An Image to represent the option
    3. Add any pricing (if necessary)
    4. Assign Choices - these should be already setup 
    5. Specify Ordering options like minimum and maximum number of choices, whether the option is required, & the form field to display

IMPORTANT: Be sure to click the "Save" button before moving to the next tab.