Catalogs - Product Editor

For a Product to display in DistributorCentral, it needs to be assigned to a catalog. Where the product displays, can be controlled by what catalogs you choose to include it in. There are 3 different catalog types that you can add your product too: 

  1. INDUSTRY CATALOGS - At the request of Distributors, DistributorCentral has created several theme-oriented catalogs such  as... 
    1. Golf Products
    2. Union Made Products
    3. Products with Patriotic Imprints
    4. Specials
    5. and more...
  2. WEBSITE CATALOGS - This allows you to break your main product line down into smaller sub-catalogs. Numerous catalogs can be created for display on your own website.
  3. PRIVATE CATALOGS - A Private Catalog is set up mutually between a Supplier and a Distributor. These are often used for a Distributor’s company store or special pricing. With a Private Catalog a Distributor can show special versions of a Supplier’s products. Distributors also use Private Catalogs to exclusively display one Supplier’s products.
What catalog type you can add to will depend on your DistributorCentral membership, here is a breakdown of catalogs:  


Products will appear inside of DistributorCentral for distributor searching only

Products will be available to all distributors for searching inside DistributorCentral and for display on their websites

Products will appear only on your own website

Products will appear in those catalogs for distributors to whom they are assigned and may be added to those distributors' websites.