How to Add Your Domain to DC

  1. While logged in to your dashboard, click Websites in the left menu
  2. Next, choose Hosing Manager
  3. Click Domains within the Hosting Manager
  4. From the Domains section, click Add Domain
  5. In the Add New Domain window, type in your domain name (without "www")
  6. Click Next
  7. Next, select to have DistributorCentral host your domain by selecting Point your domain at our Domain Name Servers or have it hosted elsewhere by selecting Manage your own Name Servers

If you chose to have your domain hosted with DistributorCentral:

  1. If you have email set up with this domain, check the Import MX Records box
  2. Make note of the name servers you will need to set up with your domain provider.
    Name servers for new domains added to DistributorCentral are as follows:
  3. Click Save

If you chose to manage your own domain name servers: 

  1. You will have to set up the following A records on your domain with your domain provider:  
  2. Host Target
  3. Click Save