How to Use the Product Placement Manager

Boost your products to the top of search results using Distributorcentral Product Placement Manager. Your subscription fees are reimbursed to be used for Product Placement allocation, but don't stop there! Get competitive by adding your own advertising dollars to take the top placement!

With DistributorCentral's Product Placement Manager, you can view current product placements, test new placement amounts to learn what it would take to improve a product's placement, and add Product Placement dollars to your products to keep them at the top of search results. 

To get started, we'll show you how to access the Product Placement Manager and explain the different aspects of this page.

How to Access the Product Placement Manager

  1. While logged into your DistributorCental account, click on Products in the left side menu
  2. In the menu that appear below Products, select Product Placement Manager
  3. When the Product Placement Manager opens, you'll see the following sections
    1. Current / Active Entries - Here is the current, total dollar amount allocated to your products
    2. Your Minimum Monthly Fee - This total represents the reimbursed subscription fees that you get back to use as Product Placement
    3. Under / Over Utilization - Here you will see how many placement dollars you have left to allocate, or how many of your own advertising dollars you have added to your Minimum Monthly Fee listed above.
    4. Keyword Search for Products - Use this keyword search to view how your products are placed in the search results 
    5. Product Filter - Using the Product Filter search bar, you can isolate a specific product 
    6. Show Products with Preferred Values - Filter down to products that have placement amounts
    7. Show Products without Preferred Values - Filter down to products that do not have placement amounts
    8. Show Products with Both - Show products with and without placement amounts

How to View Current Product Placements

Now that you've had an introduction to the sections of this page, you can start modifying & testing your product placement

  1. Start by entering a keyword that your customers would use to find your products. (ex: the keyword "tablecloth" could be used to find your product named "Table Cover")
  2. Click the Magnifying Glass button to view your product placement based off of that keyword.
    1. Here you will see where your products place when that keyword is entered into the search by viewing the Current Placement column to the right of your product
    2. The Current Placement only displays placements under 2000, so if your product's current placement is "13" then your product is in the 13th place for that specific search. 
    3. if you see >2000, then your product doesn't place in the top 1999 spots in the search results or the keyword might not be on the product. Learn How to Add Keywords >> 
  3. To the left of the Current Placement column, you'll see the Current Amount you have allocated to that product ($300 indicates that you have $300 of placements added to that one product) 

How to Test & Modify New Product Placement Amounts

When you've discovered how your products are placed in keyword searches, you may want to up your placement amount or reallocate your placement dollars to support one of your top products. Here is how to do just that:

  1. If you would like to add or remove placement dollars for any given product, simply enter in the new amount to the Amount to Test column that  displays to the right of the Current Placement column
  2. The new placement for your product will appear directly to the right under Placement to Test
  3. Continue to modify your Amount to Test until you've reached a satisfactory placement for the keyword search
  4. Once you're happy with your product's placement, click the Save button to the right to lock in your product's placement
    1. TIP: When allocating your product placement be sure that you don't have any Under Utilization of your placement dollars!

Don't forget! DistributorCentral reimburses your subscription fees to give you a starting point for Product Placement allocation but there is no limit to the dollar amount you can use to place your products as desired.