How to Select & Add Products to My Website

Your website comes pre-loaded with All Products in DistributorCentral. If you'd prefer to only offer a select group of products on your website, create a Product Collection and add filters to target the products you will be selling.

1. To start, visit your website's Product Collection Manager:

  • Click Websites on the left-side menu
  • Click Hosting Manager
  • Click Manage to the right of your website
  • Within the website manager, find Product Collections in the bottom right, and click the Manage button there

2. From your website's Product Collection Manager, add a New Product Collection:

  • In the Product Collection Manager, click Add Collection to the right
  • Click the title of the new Product Collection. (“New Collection” is automatically assigned as a temporary title
  • Enter the new Product Collection title
  • When you’re done click elsewhere on your screen to close title edit mode & to save your changes

3. Once your Product Collection is created, start adding filters to target your specific product groups:

  • Next, click Add Filter to the right within your Product Collection
  • In the Add Filter window, click on a filter to add to your Product Collection
  •  Apply the filter criteria
  • When you’re done, click Save
  •  Review your changes before Publishing the change to your website

4. Now that you have a Product Collection created and filters applied, we can Publish the Product Collection to your website:

  • In your Product Collection Manager, find the Overview section
  • Within the Overview section, review the changes you’ve made before clicking the Publish button
  • After clicking Publish, a window will pop up and indicate what’s been changed, if everything looks right here, click Publish All Changes
  • The changes to your Product Collections will now be available on your website