Company Stores: Create the Website

After you have your products added to a fulfillment account, your next step is to create the website. After you website is created, you can add your custom products. 
(If you don't have your products added, please refer to this guide to start)

  1. For the best results, you should create a child account for the Company Store website
  2. Once your child account is setup, and if you are collecting online payments, set up your payment processing in your child account
  3. Next, make sure that your child account has accurate contact information. This will ensure that the right parties are notified of any orders submitted on the website.
  4. Once your account is set up, you can add your website. Here's how to create a website within your DistributorCentral child account.
    1. For an easy online store solution, we recommend using the Customer Presentation template for your store template
  5. Once your website is created, you can remove the Product Collection that were preloaded to this website
  6. Next, add your custom fulfillment products to a product list added your company store website
  7. After adding your products, you can adjust your website's color by following this helpful guide.
  8. Now that your website is set up, you may want to map a domain to the website if you don't want to use the default "" URL
    1. How to Add a Domain
    2. How to Map a Domain to Your Website

Congrats! The company store is now ready for your customers.