How to Use the Catalog Converter

  1. From the dashboard, start a keyword search (pen, cup, mugs, etc.)  and click the magnifying glass to view the product results
  2. On the product results page, click the Add to List button located at the bottom right of each product in the results  (You will see the button turn blue)
  3. When you are done adding the products for your catalog, click the Product List tab at the bottom right of your screen
  4. In the Product List section that appears, click on the Convert to Catalog option above your products in the list
  5. In the next window that opens, enter the catalog name
  6. Select the website you want to add this catalog to
  7. Click the Convert to Catalog button
  8. Once this is complete, the catalog will be added to your website. You can still view and edit catalogs by going under the Products menu > then clicking Manage My Catalogs