Adding Google Analytics to Your Website

This help document assumes you already have setup your Google Analytics account.

  1. From your Google Analytics account, click on the Admin tab
  2. In the Properties section, click on Tracking Info
  3. Under Tracking Info, click on Tracking Code
  4. Under the Tracking ID section, copy the code that is shown (Example: UA-12345678)
  5. Now go to your DistributorCentral Dashboard, and into Website Management (Websites / Hosting Manager / Select Your Website / Click Manage button)
  6. Click Preferences link
  7. Click on the Orders section
  8. Scroll down on the right until you see "Have a Google Analytics account?..."
  9. Paste the Tracking ID you copied in step 4 into the text box.
  10. Click the Save button

That's it! Now the Google engines will scan your website, find this script and begin indexing your website content. You will view and manage results from your Google Analytics account.