How to Add Supplier Specials Products to your Website

1. Right click the above image and save to your desktop

2. Open up your website in the Website Editor

View this quick video tutorial below or follow the written instructions with link to the help documentation for each step!

3. Add the image you saved to your image library - < View Image Editor help doc here.

4. Add the Monthly Specials catalog to your Catalog Library and then create a Catalog Link - < View Adding Catalog & Link help doc here.

5. Add a picture block where you want to add the specials image on your website. Select the image and choose the link - < View help doc here

6. Click Save and then click Live Preview to view and test. 

Each month there will be a different image to add to this block and the Monthly Specials catalog with automatically pull in the product specials for each month. So only thing you will need to do is update the image each month. You can get the new images from the Supplier Specials section on the new ProductCentral Dashboard by right clicking the image and saving to your desktop.