Virtual Catalogs

The DistributorCentral Virtual Catalog tool will allow you to generate a flip catalog for online viewing. By uploading your PDF catalog to your account you will....

  • Give distributors easy access to view your virtual catalog by uploading it to your DistributorCentral account. 
  • Have access to an embed code from our catalog generator to use on any given website. 
  • Be able to upload as many catalogs as you need because there is no current limit to the number of catalogs allowed. 

Before you start your upload, please review the specifications for the PDF file used to generate the virtual catalog:

  • File must be 72 dpi (web resolution) **NOT print resolution**
  • Maximum file size for the catalog is 100MB. HOWEVER we've found that the optimal file size is 30MB or less for best online viewing

Now that your file is optimized for online viewing, here's how to add your catalog to your account:

  1. Log in to your Supplier account within DistirbutorCentral
  2. Click on the Products menu on the left hand side
  3. In the drop down menu that appears click Upload PDF/Virtual Catalog
  4. On the Virtual Catalog page select the Add New Catalog button to the right
  5. Name your catalog and set any start or end active dates
  6. Click Choose File to select your PDF catalog from your computer
  7. Once you have selected your PDF, click Open
  8. Click Save

Your PDF catalog may take a moment to load. Once the catalog has loaded, you will be able to view your virtual catalog on the "Virtual Catalog" page.