How to Setup Payment Processing

Integrate with real-time payment processors so that you can accept credit card payment through your websites. 

DistributorCentral currently supports the following Merchant Gateways: 

Merchant Account Setup:  

  1. Log into your DistributorCentral dashboard
  2. Click on Account in the menu on the left
  3. Next click on Payment 
  4. Click on Payment Setup
  5. Select the Payment Type you want to use in the left-hand box
  6. Click the button with the arrows pointing to the right-hand box.
    1. (This will move the payment type to the “Payment Types Accepted” side.)
  7. Click the Save button
  8. On the next screen Click Edit button
  9. Enter your API & transaction key for your account. (or other information requested for setup)
  10. Click Save button
  11. Now click Back to Payment Setup button
  12. To set the Credit Card Types accepted, click on the tab to the top left of the white boxes that reads “Credit Cards Accepted“
  13. Move accepted types to the right and save. 

Now your customer can submit payment online.