How Setup Mailboxes in DistributorCentral

Before you can setup a mailbox, you will need to have a subscription for email or a PRO membership and you will need to have a domain added to DistributorCentral

  1. While logged into your DistributorCentral account, click on the Websites menu on the left-hand side
  2. In the submenu that appears below click on Hosting Manager  
  3. When the Websites manager loads, click on the Email tab at the top
  4. In the Email manager, click on the Set up Domain for Email button
  5. In the Add domain for email pop up, select from the domains that you have added in your account under the “Domains” drop-down
  6. Click the Add Domain for Email button
  7. The pop up window will close and you will see your domain in the Email > Domain list (note that the domain may be grayed our for a minute while the changes are saved, once the update Is completed, your domain will show up normally)
  8. Once the domain is setup for email, you can now add your mailboxes by clicking the Add Mailboxes link next to the “Set up domain for email” button
  9. After clicking the Add Mailboxes link, you will be taken to your user lists, where all the email address and mailboxes are setup
  10. Click Edit to the right of the user who you are setting a mailbox up for
  11. Click on Email Management above the user information details
  12. Under the Create a Mailbox section, type in your email
  13. Click Setup Mailbox

TIP: You can also setup an address if one address is to forward to a mailbox that is already created. To do this, you will simply enter in the new email address under the “Create a Forwarding Address” box, and then enter the email address that it should forward to.