How to View Proofs from Suppliers

Participating suppliers on DistributorCentral have the ability to upload and send proofs to you through DistributorCentral.  Here is how you can update the proof status to approve, or request changes. 

  1. When viewing the order on the Order Summary page you can click on the number next to Proofs from Supplier in the Purchase Order to Supplier section
  2. Once you are viewing the details of the Proof you will see the details like when the proof was uploaded, the item that the proof is for, and who created it
  3. Click on the View Details/Approve Proof link to bring up a preview of the proof
  4. Your proof should then display on the page. From here you can review the proof and specify actions, such as Approve the proof, Ask the supplier to make changes and Send the proof to your customer
  5. Once you submit the proof approval, you will see an acknowledgement noting that the correspondence has been sent to the supplier
  6. From this point you can access the proof again or continue on with any other activities in your Distributor Central account