How to Setup Your Mailbox

To get going you will need to follow these steps: 

1. Setup your website 
2. Add your Domain & Change the nameservers in your registrar
3. Setup your mailboxes after domain changes have completed and we are hosting the domain. 

1. Setup your mailboxes 

Email hosting with DC is $10 a month and requires a credit card be entered into your account for payment around the 5th of each month. 

To do this...

  • You will first have to go to Websites > Domain Names 
  • Here you will see the "DC Can Host Your Email..." header to the left of the screen. Click the link underneath that says "(click to show)"
  • Click on the checkbox in the green box labeled "DC Hosted Email - Up to five 25 GB Mailboxes" to add a checkmark in the box
  • Under the green box that the checkmark was just applied, you will see the "Choose a methos of payment" field. 
  • Here you will click the "Add and manage your credit cards" link
  • "Add New Card" 
  • Once you have added in your credit card information you will go back to the Domain Name Manager where we added the checkmark in the green box. On this page you will click the "Order" button under the "Choose Payment method" heading. 

To setup the mailboxes:

  • On this page you can see a column titled DC Hosted Mail?, if you don’t see the word Yes in the Main Email column, click on "No" and it should change to "Yes"
  • When the Main Email column shows Yes, click on the Add Mailboxes button
  • Next, locate the User account that you want to create an mailbox for (most likely the first one would be your Admin Account), and click on the Edit link for that account (you’ll need a Add A New User to setup separate email accounts)
  • On the following page, enter in the email address that you would like to use in the Email Address field, and then click on Save
  • Click the Setup Email link or on the Email Manager tab
  • Confirm the email address and then click on the Setup Email button


  1. Go to Account > Users > User Maintenance
  2. Click "View/Edit" to the right of your user
  3. Here you can update your Username and Password
  4. "Save" your changes