Custom Orders

To place an order for a product not in the DistributorCentral database, you will need to create a custom order.

  1. To start your order, go to the Orders menu and click
  2. Click on Add New Order 
  3. On the next page you will enter a customer (if necessary, otherwise you can skip this step)
  4. Choose Add Custom Product under the Product section
  5. Click Next to the bottom right
  6. Select a supplier or a custom vendor; type in the supplier name and click Search
  7. When the supplier shows up below, click on them to add it to the "Currently Selected" section to the left
  8. Now, you will enter in the product information below
    1. Name
    2. Number
    3. Qty 
    4. Unit Price ( net and retail ) 
    5. Setup ( net and retail ) 
  9. Click Next once the above information is filled out
  10. The next page allows you to add options to your custom product. Things like product color, imprint color, sizes, imprint location, imprint method, are things you may consider including
    1. After you have entered one option, click the Add button to the right to add a new option row for your next customization option
  11. When you have filled out the options, along with any charges, click Next in the bottom right
  12. The following pages will include an artwork upload page, a details page, then finally a review and confirmation
    1. Just like the regular order process in our system works, you can choose to create and send a PO now, later, or just create a customer order to complete the order