How to Build a Company Store

You have Company Store Creation available in your DistributorCentral account. You will be using a mixture of different features to achieve the final product. What features you use will depend on what your customer is looking for. Essentially you will be a.)  designing a website b.) selecting the product lists  c.) selecting the type of payment you will be collecting d.) then finally linking that all together. Here is a general overview of a company store:

a.) Designing a website - 

  • You can create a website just like your own company site. Except now we have a new website editor that I would recommend using. You can find this by going to Websites > Websites 2.0 and then click on "Add new website" to the far right. Here is a video review our new editor (this is from our monthly webinars:

b.) Selecting the product list -

  • Most companies, do not display the entire product list in the company store. There will be a hand picked list of anywhere between 1 - 20 products for your customer to select from. 
  • The list can be put together in either by... a.) creating a custom catalog from the products that display in DC already. Here is how to do this: (if you choose this method you will only be able to change the images that display for the products by using the Pro "Custom Product Images" feature. It is $20/mo per website to use it. Or b.) By using our fulfillment account feature. Here is a fulfillment guide: . This is a free option that give you the ability to change/customize all of the product data that displays on a product. If the product is not in DC's database, you can add it to a fulfillment account to be displayed just like the other products. If the product is in DC but you would like control over the images and pricing (or more) you can "Copy Supplier Product" into your account and go in to just make those minor changes. Here is more information on that:

c.) Selecting the type of payment & preferences -

NOTE: child accounts and fulfillment accounts are creating in the same area of your main account. However, they work together to achieve your company store, they ARE NOT the same thing. A fulfillment account allows you to be the "Supplier" and keep all the data up to date. The child account is the mini distributor account under your main account that will use the fulfillment products in that website. 
So in your Child accounts list, you will have 2 accounts displaying.  The fulfillment account does not need to be setup inside of the child account. It is best to setup fulfilment accounts in the main account. 

d.) Piecing it all together. -

  • After you have your website setup, the payment method and preferences, and chosen the products to display in your store, we just have to add them all together. To do this, you will simply go to your website, remove any existing catalogs, and add your custom or fulfillment catalog to your site. (Be sure that your fulfillment account catalog has given your child account access to the products listed by going to your fulfillment account, then going to Products > Advanced Features > Catalogs. On the next page click on the catalog that you want your child account to have access too, and then find your account name in the left box, and push it to the right. 
  • Be sure to give your site some time to populate those products. Once the products show, you can test out an order to make sure that all the information displaying is correct.

One other option is to have us at DC set up this store for you, and then all you will have to do is maintain it. We charge by the hour, so if you are interested in this please let us know how many products you are interested in adding. Also be sure that you have decided whether you will have custom images, if you will have the logo already added on, or if you would want us to do that as well.

Image result for CheckmarkClick Below to view a Product setup Manual that will be a good point of reference when setting up your products.