Create a Custom Catalog

A distributor can create a custom catalog that takes selected products in DistributorCentral and groups them into a catalog. The product data selected is not editable by the distributor and is still updated by the supplier. 

These catalogs can be added to your website for customers to browse through.

Here is how to create a custom catalog:
  1. Go to the Products menu
  2. Click Manage My Catalogs
  3. Click the Add New Catalog button on the right 
  4. Name your new catalog (example: “Stickers”, “Under $1”, etc)
  5. The Catalog Type drop-down field should be "Custom Catalog for your Websites”
  6. The remaining following fields (Product Version, Currency, Catalog Display Start, Catalog Display End) are optional. If you do not have a start or end date, leave those fields blank.
  7. Click Save & Add Products button
  8. When the page reloads, click the Add Products to your Custom Catalog button
  9. A new window will pop up, here you will enter a search keyword and hit Search
    •  In the results below, you can select products one by one, up to 75 products, or you can save up to 3 full searches
  10. When you complete adding products to this catalog, click the link that says Update Catalog / Close Window in the search window
  11. Back at the original Product Catalogs: Add / Edit page, click the Save & Exit button