Creating a Child Account

A child account can be created & accessed from within your main DistributorCentral account. Child accounts can be used for individual sales reps, company stores, or any situation where you have a user or website that needs to be separated from your main account. These accounts can have unique contacts, users, payment methods, & websites. Here is how to create a child account

  1. While logged into DistributorCentral, fine "Accounts" in the left-side menu and click on it
  2. Under "Accounts", locate and click on "Child Accounts" 
  3. On the Child Accounts page, click on the "Add New Child Account" button on the right side of your screen
  4. Now fill out the child account details, be sure to choose "Distributor" in the "Company Type" drop-down. (This information can be changed after your child account is created.)
  5. Click "Submit" when you have filled out all the required fields.
  6. Once submitted, go to the "Accounts" menu again and click
  7. Then click on "Child Accounts" 
  8. Now you will see your newly added child account shown, click "Login" to the far right of that account to add users, or update contact information. 

Once you have logged into your child account, you may not notice anything significantly different from your main account except the account number in the top left corner will be different. 

  1. To get back to your main account, go to the top right corner
  2. Click on the drop-down arrow to the right of your name
  3. Click on "Switch Accounts" to return to your main account.