How to Change a Catalog Display

After you have added a catalog to your website, you can select how the products display. The display option is only available if you have fewer than 200 categories in the catalog. If your catalog has more than 200 categories, the system defaults to the "Categories" view. Otherwise you can choose to display "Product Images" instead of a category list, here's how: 

If you haven't already, launch the website editor by going to the "Websites" menu

  1. Select "Hosting Manager
  2. Click "Manage" to the right of your website
  3. Click "Edit" to launch the website editor

Now that the website editor is open...

  1. Locate and click on the "Library" button on the left panel, towards the top of your screen 
  2. Now click on "Catalogs
  3. In the "Catalogs" window, click on the catalog you want to switch the view of
  4. The "Edit Catalog" window will appear.
  5. Under the "Catalog Display" heading, select your display preference
  6. Click "Done" in this window, choose "Done" again to close the "Catalogs" window
  7. Finally "Save" your changes

Your catalog display will now show as you have selected.