Adding a DistributorCentral Hosted Domain

Domains can be purchased from a number of different registrars, and once you have a domain, you can change the hosting to DistributorCentral and use that with your website. Adding a domain to your website will hide the  "" in the website URL that your customer would see when visiting your online store. 

After you have purchased your domain, here is how to get it added to your DistributorCentral account:

  • Go to Websites > Domain Name
  • Click on "Add New Domain"
  • Enter your domain in the blank field on this page
  • Click "Submit"
  • On the next screen you will select who will be hosting your email.
    • If you do not need any email choose "No email needed"
    • If you would like DistributorCentral to host your email (this is $10 a month unless you are a PRO distributor) select "Use DistributorCentral hosted email". 
    • If you have email already hosted, choose to "Continue with Existing Provider"
  • Lastly, you will "COMPLETE SETUP" to add the domain to your account.