Adding / Editing Distributors

As a supplier, you have the ability to create DistributorCentral accounts for any Distributor that does not already have one. Creating this account will allow you to manage orders, setup terms, and give them a login to your website in DistributorCentral to place orders.

To add a new Distributor: 

  • Click on "Distributors" in your menu
  • Choose "Distributors List" 
  • Click the "Add New Distributor" button to the right

  • Fill out the Distributor's information in the form on this next page
  • Click "Submit" when complete

You may be required to review matching accounts in DistributorCentral before finalizing the new Distributor account. This is intended to help prevent duplicate accounts. 

Once a Distributor account is added, you are not able to edit the information. 

If a change needs to be made, you will need to submit a form to DistributorCentral. 

  • Go to "Distributors" 
  • Choose "Distributor List"
  • Find the account by searching company name

  • Click the information icon to the right of the account 

  • Once you are in the Distributor's account information, you will see a group of buttons above the info tabs. 
  • Click the "Report Incorrect/Updated Contact Info" button

Select the "Reason" for submitting the correction 

Enter in the information to be updated & any other comments

Click "Submit Corrections" 

The request is sent to DistributorCentral's support team. You can expect a change in the account by the end of the day M-F / 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. If you need an immediate change, please note this in the comments of the request before submitting so that the process can be expedited as much as possible. You can always reach out to to see the progress of any of the changes you have requested.